At times, the tailored real estate strategy determines that in order to maximize the value of real estate operations it is more advantageous to acquire rather than lease commercial real estate. Principal Real Estate Partners possess the education and experience to fully understand the dynamics involved with the acquisition of commercial property. Traditional brokerage companies simply present deals and anticipate closings. We operate on a whole different level by taking a consultative lead from start to finish.

Executives involved in the Acquisition Advisory Services Division of our firm hold Master Degrees in Real Estate and have been involved in completing over $155 million dollars in transactions. We thoroughly understand the complexities of the acquisition process, including:

Situs and inherent property characteristics that may affect short-term and long-term investment value;

Property valuation techniques that achieve an accurate opinion of market price;

Investment return measures, taking into account the current financial markets and their effect on returns, as well as how those returns will vary over time; and

Due diligence - we take a lead in this process by abstracting and analyzing tenant leases, auditing building operating expenses, verifying property maintenance and investigating environmental issues.

Our goal in the acquisition process is to minimize risks by thoroughly researching and analyzing the asset and using that knowledge to negotiate the best possible purchase terms. Once an asset has been acquired, we continue to work closely with our clients to preserve and ultimately increase investment value through professional property management and leasing.